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death during bankruptcy

Death During Bankruptcy Proceedings: Main Considerations

Death during Bankruptcy Proceedings: Main Considerations Sometimes, life puts us in unpredictable situations. Struggling with financial difficulties is obviously overwhelming. Many people will opt for bankruptcy discharge in such situations. What happens, however, on a debtor’s death during bankruptcy? Not only is this situation emotionally stressful, it will also lead to serious confusion. If you […]
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bankruptcy affect my children

Will Bankruptcy Affect My Children?

Will Bankruptcy Affect My Children? Dealing with financial troubles is challenging enough when you’re on your own. When kids are depending on you, the situation becomes even more troublesome. Bankruptcy is often the choice of people who are going through financial difficulties. Before looking into any solution, you will have to ask yourself – “will […]
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chapter 11 bankruptcy

What is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

What is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? Most people in Arizona are aware of two bankruptcy options – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Companies that need to file bankruptcy and some individuals, however, are entitled to another possibility – Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in Arizona: An Overview Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Arizona allows enterprises […]
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who carries the most debt in america

What’s the 341 Meeting of Creditors?

Filing for Bankruptcy in Arizona – What’s the 341 Meeting of Creditors? A 341 meeting of creditors sounds quite serious and threatening but it’s just a normal part of filing for bankruptcy. Such a hearing has to be held for every single bankruptcy case and typically, it’s just a formality. Here’s everything you need to […]
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