About AZ Debt Relief Group

About AZ Debt Relief Group

about AZ Debt Relief GroupThere are many different types of bankruptcy attorneys who offer services throughout the Phoenix area.  However, many of these lawyers are focused on maximizing the number of cases that go through the office, focusing on quantity rather than quality.  At AZ Debt Relief Group, PLLC our attorneys focus on the individual needs of our clients, ensuring that they get the best possible outcome to their bankruptcy case.

Client-centric Practice

The founding principles of our bankruptcy practice is to provide individualized and dedicated attention to our clients in order to establish long-term relationships based on client satisfaction.  We understand that individuals dealing with oppressive financial debt often are working hard to find the means of paying down these debts.  We believe that it is important to offer assistance beyond 9-5 business hours, so we are available to answer questions most evenings and on the weekends, as well.  Our attorneys take the time to discuss the various options, including whether filing a petition for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 is the best solution for the financial devastation affecting our clients’ lives.  It is critical to us that our clients understand why certain options work best for some people, but are not available to others.

Dedicated Attorneys

We believe in sitting down with our clients to explain the many options that exist for individuals facing significant debt.  Although we believe that filing for bankruptcy is a valuable tool, we know that it is not right for everyone.  We will discuss the possibility of negotiating re-financing directly with the creditor if a secured asset is the main source of an inability to stay current on payments and pay-down accumulated debt, as well as other alternative solutions that may exist.  However, when it is determined that a bankruptcy case is the best choice for a person or family, we work closely with our clients to make sure that the process is as easy as possible.  Our attorneys handle the details of the case, rather than relying on legal assistants.  This is different from many other bankruptcy firms.

Recent changes to the Bankruptcy Code have created new obstacles for individuals hoping to avail themselves of the relief of a bankruptcy case.  This additional burden was imposed primarily as a result of creditors and financial institutions making the argument that many people seeking bankruptcy relief merely are trying to avoid legitimate obligations.  In most cases, this is untrue and individuals are incapable of making payments because of major life changes.  Although creditors want to make it more complex for individuals to get bankruptcy relief, it does not prevent legitimate claims from moving forward with the right legal help.  The changes to the Bankruptcy Code have motivated our attorneys to work even harder on behalf of our clients.

Communication that Works for You

One thing that limits many attorneys who practice bankruptcy law in the Phoenix area is a failure to embrace alternative communication opportunities.  At AZ Debt Relief Group, PLLC, we believe in “speaking” with our clients in a manner that works for them.  This means that we have set up online case reviews, where a person can provide basic information and we can review the case for free without the person having to make an unnecessary trip to the office.  We also have established a secure online chat function.  For many people dealing with financial stress, the ability to discuss issues with his or her attorney without having to carve out several hours is an invaluable option.  In addition to these online options, our attorneys also are available via email and on the telephone.  Of course, an office visit can be scheduled and as papers are gathered for the filing of any bankruptcy case, this usually is necessary.

If you live in the Phoenix area, a skilled Arizona bankruptcy attorney is ready to assist you with the bankruptcy filing or alternative solution that is right for you. Often, we can answer many of your questions over the telephone.  In order to provide superior services to people in need of debt relief, we offer a flat-fee bankruptcy arrangement that is competitive with or better than other Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys.