5 signs of bankruptcy

5 Signs of Bankruptcy

5 Signs of Bankruptcy Being hesitant about a bankruptcy filing is nothing but natural. After all, declaring bankruptcy will have a profound effect on your future. In certain instances, however, bankruptcy is inevitable. Is an Arizona bankruptcy filing your only option for debt relief? The answer is yes if at least one of the following […]
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filing bankruptcy in arizona

Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona

Filing Bankruptcy in Arizona Bankruptcy is controlled by Federal law and contains some very complex rules and regulations.  Filing correctly in the District of Arizona will ensure that your bankruptcy case has the best chance of going your way. Before Filing The 2005 Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act requires all consumers to undergo […]
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bankruptcy and self employment

Bankruptcy and Self Employment in Arizona

Bankruptcy and Self-Employment in Arizona Whether you’re working for somebody or you’re self-employed, you will have to meet certain bankruptcy filing requirements. Self-employed professionals and small business owners tend to have various questions about their eligibility and whether meeting the conditions for debt discharge is going to be easy. Income Verification for Self-Employed Individuals in […]
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creditor object to a bankruptcy discharge

Can a Creditor Object to a Bankruptcy Discharge?

Can a Creditor Object to a Bankruptcy Discharge? Chapter 7 bankruptcies provide many individuals in Arizona with a chance to overcome debt and stabilize their financial situation. This bankruptcy chapter allows for the discharge of the debt but can a creditor object to a bankruptcy discharge, and under what circumstances? What is a Bankruptcy Discharge […]
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